Recollection From: Nick Detaranto – New Jersey, USA

SHOW: A Conspiracy Of Hope
LOCATION: Giants Stadium, New Jersey, USA
DATE: Sunday June 15th 1986
VISUAL: Advert in local New Jersey newspaper – The Star Ledger (May 1986)

I attended the show with a good friend by the name of Gina. I remember it being a very hot and really long day. I think a lot of people thought this was going to be Live Aid part-2! Our seats were in the middle of the stadium almost center. I thought the acts were very good. I enjoyed Jackson Browne and I thought Peter Gabriel was great! Loved hearing “Biko” sung live. Very powerful with the right message for the event. I think “So” had just come out about a month before the concert and I cannot remember if Peter did a lot of brand new stuff from that album or not. We heard that Pete Townshend had to cancel his solo spot because of his father’s illness so we were bummed about that! There were rumors that the Police were going to play and the crowd was excited about that! My two most vivid memories are: Seeing promoter Bill Graham literally dive into the audience after some idiot threw a water balloon at Joni Mitchell! Poor Joni! And, of course, seeing Bono and Sting signing together! The Irish & English together! That was a thrill to see.

CoH NY ad 1986

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  1. Robert said:

    I remember Bill Graham walking right by me in the audience looking rightfully pissed off. My memory recalls that ice was thrown on stage and basically was rude. It was an amazing show and the diverse degree of talent who participated was a most welcome and enlightening experience. I was able to get a few photos during the show. Never thought I would see Miles Davis but glad I did and to see the Police before they officially broke up, well what can I say. This was even after I was lucky enough to see LIve Aid in 1985. We can all come together to support a good cause but when they try and recreate events like Woodstock, Lot of great acts but it seemed more about the money and not the time period that it took place

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